Introducing the Husk Chanter Reed!

What goes into every Husk Chanter Reed? Passion, Consistency and Dedication.

Husk Chanter Reed in Chanter


Nearly 30 years ago I met a man named Sandy Hain. Sandy is a reedmaker who lives in my area. I needed a new pipe bag so it was recommended to me that I go see him. After he'd finished tying in my new bag he proceeded to show me around his reedmaking workshop. I was stunned and fascinated! I fell instantly in love with the idea of reedmaking and that fire continued to build in me for a very long time. I would spend much of the next decade thinking intensely about reedmaking and tooling and what it would take for me to be a reedmaker. I could not shake the idea and the passion for it continued to grow until finally I decided I just better do this! The fact is I LOVE it. It's not just a job for me, it's my passion, and my dream has finally reached fruition. I'm so happy to be doing this and the fire for it will never go out. This passion is seen in my reed, and you will hear it when you play one.


I've been working in the manufacturing industry all my life. I'm used to working with my hands and doing very detailed work over and over again. I've also dealt with Quality Control procedures for a long time at my regular job and I'm extremely familiar with processes that the world's top manufacturing firms use to make consistent products. These two factors come together in my reedmaking to make the Husk Chanter Reed extremely consistent. There are 7 steps in making a reed blade, 1 step in making the staple and then there is the tie in process. I have put my knowledge of manufacturing and quality control procedures into every reed I make. Every step of my process is rigorously monitored and all dimensions are checked and are consistent to the thousandth of an inch. Every Husk Chanter Reed starts with identical blades and a staple, then it is tied in consistently every time, and the resulting reeds are all nearly identical in every way. Thus when you order a Husk Chanter Reed you can have the confidence to know that, the next time you order, you will be getting the same exact reed with the same pitch and tone characteristics as before.


I'm dedicated to you, my customer. My ultimate goal and reason for being in this endeavor is to make great reeds and to make happy customers. I can remember my own frustration with chanter reeds in times past. I'd buy 6 reeds and be lucky to get 1 or 2 that I really liked. The other 4 would go to waste and it was money down the drain and frustration... I want to change that. I'm dedicated to selling nothing but excellent reeds, and I want my customers to be happy with their reeds from me. If you're not happy, I'm not happy, and I will make it right!